Friday, 7 April 2017

40th HeLF meeting

Learning spaces : Changing Perspectives

UK HE Learning Space Toolkit CC BY-NC 4.0

Our 40th HeLF meeting was held at University of Birmingham on Thursday 16th March. The morning speakers introduced the Head of Media and Librarian's perspectives on Learning Spaces. Members of HeLF were also given a print copy of the UCISA/AUDE/SCHOMS Learning Spaces Toolkit advocating a co-designed and pedagogy-led approach in the design process. Finally, Brian Irwin, new chair of HeLF, spoke about the working priorities for the newly elected HeLF steering group in the coming months and facilitated the afternoon's group discussions.
Caroline Pepper, SCHOMS vice-chair and Learning Environments manager,  University of Loughborough
  • Academic Library as Learning Spaces: a librarian perspective 
Pete Ryan, SCONUL and Director of Library and Learning Resources, Canterbury, Christ Church University


The afternoon was reserved for group discussions, Learning Spaces case studies at University of Birmingham and an update on the on-going work of UCL in developing better learning spaces, good practice and their A/V procurement framework. 

  • Update on the Learning Spaces from UCL Learning Spaces
Paul Burt, Learning Spaces Manager, Digital Education, UCL
  • Collaborative Teaching Laboratories
Joe Berry, TEL Hub Partnership and Development Manager, University of Birmingham
  • Learning Space Development, Pedagogy and The Student Experience
Ollie Ireson, Learning Space Development Officer, University of Birmingham

Presentations are available to download.

Next HeLF meeting:  
Wednesday 7th June at Newcastle University on the theme of VLE reviews

Thursday, 10 November 2016

39th HeLF Meeting: Digital Skills and Scholarship

Our 39th meeting - Digital Skills and Scholarship - was held at UCL on Tuesday 8th November and was attended by 47 delegates. The day included talks from a wide variety of speakers from both within and outside of the HeLF community.

Digital capabilities: the six elements ©Jisc CC BY-NC-ND

Presentation slides are available to download, with additional links below.

  • Digital Skills and Scholarship - Martin Oliver, IoE, UCL.
  • Building Digital Capability - Sarah Davies, Jisc. Digital Capability Discovery Tool (Public Beta)
  • Digital Capability and Teaching Excellence - Helen Parkin & Liz Austen, SHU. (QAA Report & Introductory Video)
  • The Role of the Library in Supporting Digital Literacy - Leo Appleton, UAL.
  • SAILing at UEA - Alicia McConnell, UEA.
  • Digital capabilities all round: completing the circle with DiSC - Sam Thomas, OU.
  • Brighton’s Digital Literacies Framework - Barbara Newman

We also received an update from Elaine Swift, NTU about the UCISA TEL survey, including the TEL case studies (PDF) released this week and an opportunity to provide feedback on the survey.

The meeting also featured pleas for help, in particular for candidates for the upcoming steering group elections in January and for speakers for the next two meetings:

  • Learning Spaces - Thursday 16th March, University of Birmingham.
  • Learning Analytics - Wednesday 7th June, Newcastle University.

Friday, 21 October 2016