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8 Jan 2014

Summary of HeLF JISC Mail traffic: TurnItIn & HeLF Steering Group Elections

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I am hoping all HeLF members you've read the HeLF JISC Mail list about two important issues being discussed which need your input. The actual emails contain information on how to submit your thoughts.

Input to TurnItIn User Group

As many of you are aware there is a TurnItIn User Group is next month in Birmingham. Will Murray from TurnItIn has indicated that the CEO of iParadigms is planning to attend this meeting and has asked HeLF if we would raise specific questions which he can address at the meeting.

The email Neil Ringan sent contains information on how you can submit questions

Elections to HeLF Steering Group

The Terms of Reference for HeLF specify that a full election for the HeLF Steering Group is required every 3 years when the period of office for each Steering Group expires. The 3 year period during which the current Steering Group has been in operation came to an end on December 31st 2013 and I would therefore like to formally announce that nominations to join the Steering Group for a new period of office until December 31st 2016 are now open.

Nominations to join the Steering Group are submitted on your own behalf (i.e. you indicate that you want to nominate yourself rather than nominating someone else). Nominations may be submitted by the named HeLF institutional representative only, including existing members of the Steering Group. Nominations from any other party will automatically be excluded from consideration.

Nominations to join the Steering Group can be submitted via the following form, and should be received by 17:00 on Tuesday 21st January 2014.

The email Neil Ringan sent contains information on how you can submit your nomination