The Heads of eLearning Forum (HeLF) is a network of senior staff engaged in promoting, supporting and developing technology enhanced learning (TEL). We have 140 nominated Heads from UK higher education institutions and a regular programme of well attended events.

25 Mar 2014

Steering Group Meeting Agenda: 1st April, 2014

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Agenda items are as follows:
  1. Welcome to new and returning steering group members.
  2. Matters arising from meeting held 16th January 2014.
    • 2.1 HeLF Terms of Reference
  3. Allocation of steering group roles and responsibilities (role document previously circulated)
  4. Review of 31st HeLF event, Birmingham, 19th February 2014
  5. Planning for 32nd event (Leeds University, 22nd May meeting)
  6. Initial planning for 2014-15 academic year events
  7. External Liaison Update (BN)
    • Jisc co-design group for EAM projects (BN, NR, LM)
    • Turnitin letter and subsequent HeLF actions (NR)
  8. HeLF members tablets survey (BN, NR, LM)
  9. Membership Update (PA)
  10. Communications Coordinator Update (AR)
    • Website redirect & archive (AR)
  11. Any Other Business
  12. Date and venue of next meeting
Posted on behalf of: Lindsey Martin, Secretary