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27 May 2014

Thank you University of Leeds: Summary 22nd May, 2014

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The 32nd HeLF Event was hosted by University of Leeds, and a big thank you to Jane O'Neill for all her work and kind hospitality. The theme for this event was Big Projects: Big Data

The slides will be released over time, and I'll update this blog post as they come in.

It was a great turnout ... 35 attended (40 booked), and based on the buzz it met the aims of sharing ideas and promoting discussion. A standing activity in the afternoon is a reflective task in small groups. The outcomes are pulled together below. Apologise if I missed any out. If I did, please use the comments on this post.

Are going to do to help progress what you have heard today in your institution or team?
  • Investigate SonicFoundry and Leeds experience
  • Explore how we can tie USW work on OER and Lecture Capture
  • Look at Leeds policies
  • Leeds website. Http://
  • Lots of us a going to pick up Leeds policies on Lecture Capture - and start the battle at home
  • Looking at how we can include DLs in curriculum with checks at design and validation stages
  • Propose a sector-wide MOOC on digital literacy/digital scholarship - coordinated by JISC and developed by Helen Beetham, Dave White and Martin Weller.
  • Promote the at-desk recording for Panopto to get the more negative people using it
  • Create an internal digital literacy MOOC to free up Learning Technologists for other projects
  • Look at big data/learning analytics - work with ICT to make sure focus is not just tech
  • Take Leeds blended learning strategy/model back to own institution - develop lecture capture policy & start to raise awareness of OER etc
Need or want your institution to do to help you support implementing these types of initiatives?
  • Would be good to bring HeLF to Wales :-)
Would like HeLF (or another organisation) to do to support this area nationally?
  • Survey like tablet survey of different types of hardware, extent of use, student feedback, policy on lecture capture
  • It would be great if we could have a model policy on lecture capture thats been through JISC Legal (Actually a HeLF repository of model policies would be useful)
We had a couple of changes to the agenda due to illness. However, I have included a few session overviews below:

'Digital' students? Reporting on students' expectations and experiences of the digital environment Helen Beetham, Independent Consultant on behalf of Jisc
Looking for jewels in the midden: Exploring the mountain of MOOC data: Anne Marie Scott, Technology Enhanced Learning Team Manager, University of Edinburgh

Open Badge Generator: Andy Ramsden, e-Learning Development Manager, University Campus Suffolk. This short session covered rationale for why we have developed an Open Badge Generator, demo'd iteration one, and outlined the pilots this summer. For more information, see the UCS Elevate Team blog post;

Image source (Big Projects):