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27 Feb 2014

HeLF Steering Group: New Members

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On behalf of Neil Ringan, Chair of HeLF.

As I mentioned at the HeLF meeting at Birmingham last week, the term of office for the previous HeLF Steering Group expired at the end of December 2013 and you will recall that I emailed the list for expressions of interest from HeLF members to serve on the new Steering Group

Following discussions amongst those people who put themselves forward, I’m delighted to be able to report that we have been able to form the Steering Group without the need for elections. We have decided to expand slightly the size of the steering group (from 9 to 10 members). The main reason behind this is so we can formally allocate 2 members of the Steering Group to work on the 2 core areas of our activity – HeLF events and the web site. The intention is that going forward we will have 2 Events Co-ordinators rather than 1 (currently undertaken with great dedication by Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou from Bath) so that 1 person will work on one session with the other event co-ordinator working on the session after that, and so on.

Specific roles for members of the Steering Group will be agreed at the next SG meeting on April 1st, but for now I’d like to formally welcome the members of the HeLF Steering Group
  • Phil Alberts – Brunel
  • Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou – Bath
  • Martin King – Royal Holloway
  • Lindsey Martin – Edge Hill
  • Scott Miller - Sunderland
  • Barbara Newland – Brighton
  • Mark Pelling – Cardiff Metropolitan
  • Andt Ramsden – University Campus Suffolk
  • Neil Ringan – Manchester Metropolitan
  • Mark Wetton – Edinburgh
I’d also like to formally thank Susannah and Martin who have stepped down from the steering group for their input, advice, guidance and hospitality over the past.

I will be update the Steering Group Members page in the next few weeks.

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