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21 Feb 2014

University of Birmingham: Summary 19th February, 2014

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Many thanks to University of Birmingham for hosting your 31st workshop. The theme for this event was, e-Learning at Scale: Tensions for the Head of e-Learning.

A number of key questions where addressed throughout the day, including;

  1. Where are you up to as an institution with MOOCs?
  2. Why are you engaging or not engaging with MOOCs?
  3. What impacts have their been / do you foresee on your role as a Head of e-Learning?

The presentational slides are below, and in no particular order. These have been automatically converted by Google, so there might be a few rendering issues. If you encounter any problems please contact us.

Why Universities are investing in MOOCs: Hugh Davis

Establishing capacity to deliver MOOCs at Leeds: impacts on the University: Neil Morris

Exploring Educational Boundaries: A MOOC based reflection on quality and impact: Amy Woodgate

MOOCs ... all you need to know (in 10 minutes …): Darren Marsh

The MOOC experiment: An academic's view: Momna Hejmadi

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