The Heads of eLearning Forum (HeLF) is a network of senior staff engaged in promoting, supporting and developing technology enhanced learning (TEL). We have 140 nominated Heads from UK higher education institutions and a regular programme of well attended events.

8 Nov 2022

Webinar Series 2022

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Spring 2022




Microcredentials and badging

Graeme Redshaw-Boxwell

Tuesday 22nd March 2pm

COVID impact: Two years on (including impacts on assessment)

Brian Irwin

Tuesday 10th March 2pm

Online exams 2022 (proprietary systems, in-house solutions)

Graeme Redshaw-Boxwell

Thursday 17th February 2pm

Turnitin Update? Session 1 - The future of LTI and migration Q&A - questions from the HeLF community to be submitted 2 weeks before the date of the session, so we can put the Q's to the relevant Tii stakeholder and invite them to the session to provide the answers. Kind of an 'open forum' Q&A session. 

Session 2 - Academic Integrity - discussion around contract cheating (the scale of the issue in the UK) and the solution Tii offers institutions to tackle this.

Rob Howe

2nd March at 2pm for session 1

 Session 2 31st March at 2pm

AI / chatbots and related developments.

Rob Howe and Tom Moule

Thursday 24th Feb 2pm

Dehumanising effects of technology in education

Natalie Lafferty & Dan Clark

Wednesday 16th March 2pm

Multi-Mode Teaching (hyflex/hybrid/space agnostic etc)

Ann Thanaraj

20th April 2pm

Student Group work

Jim Turner

Thursday 7th of April 2.00pm

360 Media in Teaching and Learning

Farzana Latif

Summer 2022




Turnitin (Professional Educational Services) - The Professional Educational Services Team Lead will be leading the session on how Turnitin can support UK HEI's.

Rob Howe

8th June 2pm

VLE templates

Roger Emery

14/07 11am 

JISC Learning and Teaching licensing update - presentation by Lisa Hewitt (JISC)

Roger Emery

Contract cheating hosted by Turinitin and Robin Crockett (Northampton)

Rob Howe

6th July 2pm

The role of learning technology in support student induction

Jim Turner

5th July 2pm